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Questions #46-50

Posted by Donnie Fitzpatrick on November 27, 2012 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (40)

46) Your friend comes to you and tells you that he/she has a huge secret that could potentially get them harm if they do not find a way to deal with it. What steps would you take towards helping your friend?

47) Make a list of your 5 favourite tv shows since you were a toddler. Quickly jot down what sorts of things you liked about these shows in particular.

48 ) Describe the last time that you felt that you were treated unfairly in school. Is there anything that you feel that you could have done to have avoided the situation to begin with? Without using names, explain the situation and when describing it, do it from both perspectives.

49) Talk with your parents and ask them to describe yourpersonality as a toddler. Which of these characterisitics do they feel that you still possess? Which of these do you think will be with you forever and why?

50) When you become an adult, andIf money didn't matter, what type of work would you do and why? Which sorts of activities and hobbies would you participate in and why?

Questions #41-45

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41) If there were one "cause" that you would choose to volunteer your time towards, what would it be and why?

42) What is your favourite season (fall, winter, spring, summer) of the year and what is it about this timeof year that you enjoy so much?

43) When you think about your future, which sort of occupation do you foresee yourself haviing and why?

44) What do you think the influential people in your life would like to see you become when you are older and why? What makes you think that they want this for you?

45) When you are being pressured into doing something that you really do not want to do, how do usually respond? Does it depend on who is pressuring you? Please explain and provide examples.

Questions #36-40

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36) Which things in particular do you feel that you do well as a student? Please provide an example to illustrate your point.

37) In which areas (skills) do you feel that you struggle as a student? Please provide an example to illustrate your point.

38 ) Many people say that it is important to write out your goals. In your opinion is writing out your goals important to you. Explain why. **NOTE** When answering this question, do not answer it in a way where you are trying to have the RIGHT answer. I am just asking for your opinion and the reasons you use to back it up.

39) When you are being acknowledged for something that you are proud of, how do you like it to happen (In front of peers, award, quietly without attention etc.) ? Please provide an example of a time when this happened or when you wish it had. What is it about this kind of acknowledgement that you value?

40) When you have made a mistake, or have done something that you are not proud of, how do you like it to be handled? Please provide an example of when this has happened, or a time when it was dealt with the wrong way and you wish it had been handled differently.

Know Thyself, Be Thyself #31-35

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31) What is your preferred style of communication? Texting, talking on phone, chat, or hanging out in person? What is it about this style of communication that you prefer?

32) Describe your living arrangements in regards to who you live with. (Both parents together, foster parents, other family members etc.)

33) Read the following 3 descriptions of learning styles. List in order your preference #1-3.         1 (prefer the most) and 3 (prefer the least). Provide an example to support your thinking for each.

a) Visual Learner - Your primary preference for learning is by seeing how things work  and learning material in that manner.

b) Auditory Learner - Your primary preference for learning is by hearing the information and having an opportunity to discuss the topics that you are working on.

c) Kinaesthetic Learner - Your primary preference for learning is by actually "doing" it and being immersed in that kind of process. Trial and error.

34) Would you describe yourself as a person who is more interested in the details of things or the bigger overall picture (vision)?

35) In what types of situations would you consider yourself to be a follower and in which situations would you consider yourself to be a leader? Provide examples to share your thinking.

Know Thyself, Be Thyself #26-30

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26) Describe a time in your life when you were resilient (refused to give up) and things ended up workng out for you.

27) Describe a time in your life when you did all the right things, and even though you did, things still did not work out in your favor. Do you feel that it was still worth doing it the right way even tough it didnot work out? Explain.

28 ) Describe a time when you made an effective choice but were really tempted to do the opposite. What was the result of your choice? Did anybody notice that you did the right thing?

29) What scares you the most and why?

30) What is your favourite color and what is it about that color that makes it your favourite?

October 25, 2012

Posted by Donnie Fitzpatrick on October 25, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey everyone,

Here is an update as to what has been going on as of late. Remember that we will be in the lab tomorrow so that you can type up your Know Thyself, Be Thyself questions. If you ever are trying to find the questions, then scroll through some of the past posts and you will find them. Make sure that you get all missing assignments handed in so that you are up to date before parent/teacher conferences.

English: We have just started our Short Story Unit and are about to learn about all the main parts of a short story. For example, plot analysis, character development, setting, conflict, climax and mood. To illustrate these concepts we are starting off with the short story, "To Build a Fire" written by Jack London. You have all received the questions and the main assignment, all of which  will be due in two weeks. Depending on how our classes go, I will provide a specific due date sometime next week. If you use your class time then you should be able to easily complete the requirements in class. 

In our Know Thyself, Be Thyself project, questions 11-15 are due in typed format for tomorrow. As always, computer time has been provided for you all to keep up to date. Questions up to 25 are available on this blog for those who have moved ahead. Keep up the good work and make sure that you do not fall behind..but if you do, let me know so I can help get you back on track!

Social Studies: In Social Studies we are learning about the High Middle Ages and the impact that the Feudal System had during this time. Currently we are completing a Manor Map that will be due for Wednesday, October, 31, 2012. 

Strengths: In Strengths we are currently in the midst of our Strength Interviews. If you have forgotten when you signed up for your interview then go into the section of this website that is called "In the Classroom" and then enter the "Strengths" link. In there you will find the time that you signed up for. If for some reason you cannot make the interview then you must contact me and let me know so we can arrange an alternate time.

Chicken Dance Friday tomorrow :)!


Know Thyself, Be Thyself #21-25

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21) When you are on the computer, which sorts of things out of your own curiosity do you notice that you spend your time learning more about? 

22) Name one of your favourite movies or types of movies. Explain what you think it is that makes this movie or type of movie stand out from the rest?

23) If there were an animal that best represented you, what would it be and why?

24) Besides (angry, glad, happy, sad) name another 8 emotions that you have felt at various times in your life. Of these 8, choose 4 of these emotions that you feel the most often. Provide an example that illustrates a time when you experienced each of these 4.

25) When dealing with a challenging situation, which sorts of strategies do you find are most effective towards finding a positive solution? 

Know Thyself, Be Thyself #16-20

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Know Thyself, Be Thyself

16) In detail, describe the times in your life when you feel the weakest (drained, bored, energy sucked out of you).

17) In detail, describe the times in your life when you feel at your best. What is it about these situations that you enjoy so much?

18) Describe an activity that you have done where the time flew by and you really looked forward to doing it.

19) Which genre of music do you like the best and why?

20) What is your favorite song? What in particular is it that makes you like this song?

Know Thyself, Be Thyself #11-15

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Know Thyself, Be Thyself

11) What is your favourite activity outside of school and what in particular do you enjoy so much about this activity?

12) What types of qualities/characteristics do you look for when choosing your friends? Provide examples explaining why these qualities are important to you.

13) Who are your greatest role models in life and what qualities do they possess that you admire so much? Provide examples that highlight these qualities.

14) Describe a situation in your life where you made a major mistake and what you learned from this experience.

15) Think back to the various things that you have gotten in trouble for. What patterns of behavior do you see?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Hey guys,

Here is a breakdown of what is currently going on.....for those of us who are not at Justin Bieber anyhow! However, DUCK DYNASTY Season #2 starts tonight...yeehaw!

English 8: DO NOT FALL BEHIND! And for those of you who have, make sure to make arrangements with me to get back on track. First off, it is critical that you get your 5 questions completed for the "Know Thyself, Be Thyself" project by this Friday.  You have already been provided one extension for this so I suggest that you use your time to get this completed so that you can be in the lab to type it out at week's end! Mythology: We have now just started Sword In The Stone....this Myth and the questions can all be accessed here on this site. Please make sure to get this done for tomorrow as we will mark these after the Social Studies test. Finally, I know this only applies to a couple of you but it is super important that those of you who have not finished your DVD Video get those in asap! 

Social Studies 8: TEST TOMORROW! As you all know, we have a test tomorrow. Once again, if you spend a bit of time studying the review then you will do excellent! There are no tricks and I am expecting that you will all do well on it!

Strengths 8: In Strengths right now, we have just watched the movie "The Truth About You". This is a great informative movie created by Marcus Buckingham describing the importance of discovering and volunteering your Strengths to the world! There is a list of questions that go along with the video that you are expected to complete by this Friday's class. Hopefully you all made good use of your class time so that you will not have much to do at home :)! Early next week we will start our interviews to figure out what your Strengths are. Make sure to sign up for a good time and hopefully you will not leave it to the end as that always makes it more difficult. If you are feeling nervous about the interview then remind yourself yo relax because the best things about your Strengths is that you CANNOT be wrong!

"Know Thyself, Be Thyself"---Questions #6-10

6) List 3 things about yourself that people may be surprised to know about you. Provide details and examples to illustrate your point.

7) Our surroundings can often tell us information about ourselves and provide us clues to what other MIGHT be like. How would you describe your room at home and what types of things would we see that would tell us something about you?

8 ) We are often a reflection of our parents/guardians. Often, but not always, we are more like one that the other. In what ways are you like them, or have been told that you are? Provide examples and details to support your opinion.

9) Which of your parents/guardians do you feel that you are least like. Provide examples to illustrate this.

10) Describe the characteristics of your best learning environment when doing your homework AT HOME. What does the environment look/sound/feel like for you to do your best work?

These are due for next Friday, October 19, 2012

Have a great week you guys! If you need anything then let me know or send me a message on here.